baby quilt

baby quilt

Working hard on my projects that have a deadline of October.  I have four.  This one is going nicely.  I am struck by the beauty of the palette, which is not one that I have ever worked with before.  I really wanted to feature the lovely embroidery so the colors I chose to frame it with are very delicate.

I am very happy with it, and I have the frame almost completed.

updates on two projects


The bears have their frames, next up the decision on how to bring them all together into one quilt.  I had one really nice lay out, but the quilt ends up being orientated landscape. Whenever I make a quilt with a landscape layout it always seams a little wrong.

I really wanted to frame the embroidery to showcase them. I am proud that, unusual for me, I made samples to make the decision of what color ought frame the little bears without overwhelming them.  I settled on the lavender/blue fabric that is shown above framing the bears and below to the far right.  This is different palette for me, usually I love bright colors, especially for baby quilts.  All of my primary color samples overshadowed the delicate embroidery.


I have used only stash fabric for this quilt so far.  For the blue, I had exactly enough; I only had to piece one little strip at the very end.  I was holding my breath while I sewed the last set.  Someone must be watching over me (is it Lou?), because I have had that fabric for a while and it would have been difficult to match.

The blue quilt is now officially a flimsy, ready for quilting. Steve calls it “homey” and I guess it is with its unusual mix of fabric.  It is a real stash quilt with every blue and green fabric in my stash in it. It really glowed when I photographed it.


We had to go down to Burnsville, so on the way I ran into the new SR Harris and picked up this lovely for the back:


It captures all the colors of the quilt and will hide a multitude of flaws in my quilting.


I moved most of my sewing stuff to the basement.  In my particular mytopia way, I spent considerable time organizing my pre-cuts instead of attacking the giant pile of boxes full of fabric.   I spent a happy hour carefully bundling these:



Whenever I am between projects and I am not sure what I will do next, I cut squares in various sizes.  When I start a new project, I can pull out the colors that I need. Or I might use them for leader-ender projects, I used some hem tape to bundle them.  I found one more group of squares today.  I needed a piece of something to bind it so I pulled out the box of trims that belonged to my aunt Lou.


I found this:


This piece of hem tape was exactly the size I needed, neatly wrapped around a card and pinned so it wouldn’t get lost.  I wondered why my aunt kept it because I can’t think of another use for a piece this short but I was glad she did because it worked perfectly.

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