new quilt

I had an idea for a red/pink/green quilt, so I cut out these:


Problem is, that I am already a little bored with it, and I haven’t even started sewing it yet. (Sigh).

So I decided to make a Wizard of Oz quilt.  I have so many ideas for this quilt, it is just jumping out of my brain. As a member of this century, I started my project by making a Pinterest. I know, I am so tech-savvy and interconnected and social media-ey. Between that and my son ordering the same thing as me at Wendy’s yesterday: I feel so young and hip.

So, I’m off to see the Wizard!

new projects

I have been busy with projects with deadlines, now all of those deadlines have passed.  Going forward, I am going to try to avoid projects with deadlines.  In any case, I spent some time playing this weekend.  While I was making the blue quilt I just finished I did some ender leader work.  I am starting a red, pink and green quilt with funky squares.  I went through my tiny scraps for more squares and made these red squares to go with the blue ones:


I have a surprising amount done.

I also made another kit:


It will be a long sleeve t-shirt.  I was shy about a quarter inch for the front and the back panels, so I will add a thin strip in the front.


It has been a long time since I posted and even with this one I had technical problems.  But good news, I finished this quilt, and in time for the wedding:


I talked to my sister and she has already found a home for it.

Here is the back:


I love how we were able to capture all the colors from the front.


More closeups:


One more:


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