So time went by like a storm- a new graduate and all that entails.  Had a fun time. This also happened:

Since my graduate doesn’t really like to have his picture online, I won’t share those, but here is the story. It was a beautiful graduation. I didn’t cry, but nearly did several times. It was great to see him so grown up.  Then we had a lovely party with so many friends and family.

The day everyone left town, a storm came through and this tree went down.  For me, it was hugely emotional. In the scheme of things, it was the best that could be, in that no one was hurt and the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been had the wind been blowing in a different direction. But the tree had been there the whole time we lived here: 24 years this June.

Anyway, I cleaned out my sewing room for the party.  This meant taking every thing down in the basement that wasn’t pretty. Essentially about 90 per cent of the room. I have several baskets that I left on the shelves some large glass jars that hold various notions/scraps and some metal popcorn tins that are similar in size and shape.

So this morning I got the medium scraps up from the basement. For those that don’t know, my fabric is organized by size and color.

Tiny: too small to fold around a 4.5′ square ruler.

Medium: folds neatly around a 4.5″ square ruler.

Large: folds neatly around a 10 inch ruler.

The tiny scraps are sorted in the old popcorn tins above by color.  The medium scraps are on a narrow bookshelf my husband built for me. I had them packed in my two largest suitcases. This morning I arranged them by color on the bookshelf.

<Sigh> Things are starting to feel normal again.


Happy fourth to you all!


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