kitty cat and exchange quilt finish

Finished the kitty cat quilt for my niece and brought it up for our family Christmas last weekend.  I laughed because the day before my sister had said “no more cats” at her house. The quilt has so many cats. Here is the back:

Every year our family does a home made gift exchange for the adults. It has become quite a competition. I made a quilt this year (again).  Next year I will be more creative. This quilt was made from extra blocks from other quilts that didn’t make the cut for various reasons.


Anyway, the sad thing about this quilt is this is the end of the green, yellow and blue fabric with the little flowers on the back of it. I used it all up for the back of the quilt. I got that from my aunt Lou who passed a couple of years ago. Sad to see that fabric go.  My dad won it in the exchange:

Happy New Years! I hopefully will post more in 2018.

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