About me

I’ve been involved with various sewing projects for 25 years. I enjoy fabric colors and textures, and because of how these fabrics are used and worn, many of these hold personal feelings for me, so I include them in many of the quilts I’ve made. I’ve made quilts for family and friends as gifts for occasions such as wedding, births, and birthday. They serve a commemorative function that brings us closer together. This feeling is inherent within the quality of the fabric itself. Many of the fabrics I use are second-hand scraps or shards, remnants of clothes my family has worn, or even bolts of fabric that a friend has given me. When I receive these, I ┬átake special care to sort them by color, size, or quality, so that I have them by hand when I want to start a project. They are special to me as a ongoing resource, and I am able to use them as a palette as I take them from the shelf.