kitty cat and exchange quilt finish

Finished the kitty cat quilt for my niece and brought it up for our family Christmas last weekend.  I laughed because the day before my sister had said “no more cats” at her house. The quilt has so many cats. Here is the back:

Every year our family does a home made gift exchange for the adults. It has become quite a competition. I made a quilt this year (again).  Next year I will be more creative. This quilt was made from extra blocks from other quilts that didn’t make the cut for various reasons.


Anyway, the sad thing about this quilt is this is the end of the green, yellow and blue fabric with the little flowers on the back of it. I used it all up for the back of the quilt. I got that from my aunt Lou who passed a couple of years ago. Sad to see that fabric go.  My dad won it in the exchange:

Happy New Years! I hopefully will post more in 2018.

quilt updates – kitty cat and zoo

So it has definately been a while and these quilts have been making progress, even though a good portion of my sewing studio was in the basement for several weeks.  I am slowly regrouping.


Update on kitty quilt:

This one is even further along.  By the way most of these patterns are not my designs. They are designs that can be purchased on the internet. To find them check out my Pinterest page for links.

Here is what the zoo quilt looks like:

Again this was created from coloring pages I found on Pinterest.

So these quilts are both inspired by the internet.  They are both going to turn out beautiful. I have to say when I start quilts with so limited scope I lose momentum a little bit. However, they are nearly done, I am very much on track to have them done by Christmas which is my goal.


So time went by like a storm- a new graduate and all that entails.  Had a fun time. This also happened:

Since my graduate doesn’t really like to have his picture online, I won’t share those, but here is the story. It was a beautiful graduation. I didn’t cry, but nearly did several times. It was great to see him so grown up.  Then we had a lovely party with so many friends and family.

The day everyone left town, a storm came through and this tree went down.  For me, it was hugely emotional. In the scheme of things, it was the best that could be, in that no one was hurt and the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been had the wind been blowing in a different direction. But the tree had been there the whole time we lived here: 24 years this June.

Anyway, I cleaned out my sewing room for the party.  This meant taking every thing down in the basement that wasn’t pretty. Essentially about 90 per cent of the room. I have several baskets that I left on the shelves some large glass jars that hold various notions/scraps and some metal popcorn tins that are similar in size and shape.

So this morning I got the medium scraps up from the basement. For those that don’t know, my fabric is organized by size and color.

Tiny: too small to fold around a 4.5′ square ruler.

Medium: folds neatly around a 4.5″ square ruler.

Large: folds neatly around a 10 inch ruler.

The tiny scraps are sorted in the old popcorn tins above by color.  The medium scraps are on a narrow bookshelf my husband built for me. I had them packed in my two largest suitcases. This morning I arranged them by color on the bookshelf.

<Sigh> Things are starting to feel normal again.


Happy fourth to you all!


big cat

So, I haven’t posted for over a month. Sorry. Just been having the winter blahs, and lots of stress at work. I have been still plugging away at my quilts. It has been cold also, so my sewing room is inaccessible. Tomorrow it should be sixty degrees, so should get some solid time in there…anyway, here is the next zoo block:

I like him, but he is a little scary with his orange eyes, I will have to see how he looks in the context of the quilt.

something is happening at the zoo

Today I discovered the internet has decided I am a gay, Russian man with erectile dysfunction so I guess I should go figure out a spam system for my site. <sigh> Unfortunately, this is type of work is too close to what people actually pay me for to do on a Sunday – so next week maybe. In the mean time, if I accidentally delete your comments, let me know. This is only if you comment directly on the site; Facebook should be fine

I started a new quilt, based on animals. This has extra meaning for me because my grandmother used to make quilts where she would take coloring book pages of animals and trace them.  I have some unfinished blocks she started and have used them in previous quilts like the ducky quilt on the back and in the cow in Paul’s quilt.

Anyway, I use my own technique. She traced them on the fabric with ball point pen and zigzagged around them. I put two layers of fabric over a piece of paper with the image on it. I draw over the image from the back with free motion on the sewing machine.  Here is my first camel attempt:

Steve and Paul loved it. However, when I told Steve about the next step, trimming it and zigzagging the edges, he didn’t think it would work out because of the color of thread I had used, He thought it would disappear into the background.  So here is Camel number 2:

I used a reddish brown thread for the base drawing then the lighter thread for detailing. Not sure what I will do with the first one yet.



New Year -new themes

This quilt was made for my family gift exchange. The goal is to bring only handmade gifts. Before Thanksgiving I got out the box of misfit blocks. This is a surprising large box of blocks that didn’t for various reasons meet the cut for the finished quilt. Sometimes it was math, that I wanted the quilt to be a different shape than the number of blocks I had. Other times they didn’t fit. There are some experimental blocks as well, blocks that I made one of and then realized I didn’t have the patience or the will to make more of that block.  I sorted them by color and came up with enough blue blocks for a lap quilt (also, yellow and red, but that is for another day) with only a few strips added to size them up. When I had put them together, they just didn’t quite have focal points so I added my theme for the year: birds.

The floral pattern on the back was the only material including batting I bought, and of course, I bought too little so I had to add my own spin.

It is difficult to see but the quilting is also small birds surrounded by wind-like lines.  It fits this year’s Roberta theme of birds, but also evokes the Holy Spirit. Since the birds are white it is also my wish for all of you (and me) for 2017: Peace.  Happy New Year!


Red quilt finished

Finally, finished this one. It took a while to photograph because it was so large:

One of my favorite hearts:



And lastly:

There is a little bit more wonkiness in this than I would have liked but still I am happy it is finished.  The part I like the best is the pink against the dark purple with the floating frames.  Part of me wants to revisit these frames in a different quilt, however, the next three quilts I have in queue wouldn’t work with that strategy, so it will have to go on the back burner.

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