2015 is a huge year for change.  As many of you know I had to clean out my sewing room.  As usual I tackled it with my particular myopia. I spent a solid hour carefully arranging my pre-cuts.  I imagine most quilters have some pre-cut squares and perhaps other shapes.  When I am between projects, I usually cut squares out of scraps.  These pre-cut end up as ender leader or when I have decided on a color scheme for a project, I pull them out and take out all the ones that fit.


In any case, in the big mound of fabric, etc, that my son and I carried down into the basement, my first task was to organize them by size and dig out something to bundle them up neatly. I settled on some hem tape. Anyway, the last small group of squares I found yesterday.  I needed a little piece of hem tape, so I went back to the little box my uncle gave me of my aunt’s trims.


I found this:


Yes, this was a piece of hem tape in the box, carefully wrapped around a card and pinned, cut to this exact length.  It worked perfectly.  However, it made me smile to think of my aunt saving this tiny bit of hem tape. I don’t know what she was thinking she would use it for, but it was nice that I found the perfect use.